There are many different treatments available as part of comprehensive dental care. One of the most common is dental restoration. This is the process of replacing a missing tooth (or teeth) or repairing a chipped tooth. There are any number of reasons why someone might find themselves in this position. For example, they could lose a tooth through trauma (such as experiencing a fall), or they might lose one through general decay. It can be a little disconcerting to see that you’ve lost a tooth, but it’s important to remember that there are nearly always options available to you. After all, there are a lot of different dental restorations in today’s world. If you work with an experienced professional, then they’ll be able to select the right option for you. 



The primary benefit of restorations is that they restore the mouth to full aesthetic performance. Nobody wants to live with missing teeth permanently on display. Dental restorations do away with this problem. Just by looking at the mouth, most people would never know that the teeth aren’t real. They can also strengthen the mouth as a whole and improve oral health and hygiene.


Different Types of Dental Restorations

One of the best things about dentistry in the modern world is that there are so many options available. That means that no matter what type of issue you have, there’ll be a solution that suits your requirements. 

If you’re missing an individual tooth or a couple of teeth, then the professional that you work with may recommend dental implants. This is a small, artificial tooth root that is placed on the bone socket where the tooth should be. Once it’s installed, a crown — which is essentially an artificial replacement tooth — is placed on top of it. The process is generally very straightforward, and, after you’ve been through a period of adjustment and healing, you’ll find that the tooth essentially feels real.

Another option is bridges. These fit into the gap that has been left by a missing tooth (or teeth). They’re called bridges because of how they work; they “bridge” the gap between the missing teeth. They’ll be anchored into place and become permanent. They’re long-lasting and can look great.

Dentures are probably the version of false teeth that people are most familiar with. If you have missing teeth, then a professional may recommend that you get dentures. They are removable, which means that they’re easy enough to get, though you will have to take them out for cleaning and at other points too. 

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