Athletic Mouth Guards in Hamilton, Ohio


Here at Hamilton Riverside Dentistry, we understand the time and effort put into creating your perfect smile. Unfortunately, every-day life and activities can sometimes lead to damaging dental accidents. We offer many services, including athletic mouth guards, to help you protect your smile in all that you do. If you are in the Hamilton area, come see us to learn more about our custom-made mouth guards. 

What is a Mouth Guard? 

A mouth guard is a strong, thick piece of plastic that is worn over the top row of your teeth to protect you from injury. Mouth guards are common in athletic and physical sports as they protect you from broken teeth, biting your tongue, and tears in the tissue of your mouth. 


Getting a Mouth Guard

Here at Hamilton Riverside Dentistry, we offer custom mouth guards. The process to make your custom mouthguard is simple and easy. We will take a quick impression of your teeth that will be used as a mold to create a mouth guard to help ensure a perfect fit. 


Mouth guards can last for up to 3 years if they are taken care of properly. However, if you are using a mouth guard for athletic events, we do recommend replacing your mouth guard after every season. The more you bite into it, the more worn down it will get. If the mouth guard does not feel snug, it will not protect your teeth properly. 


Mouth guards reduce the risk of chipped and cracked teeth, a knocked out tooth, damage to your tongue and gums. Don’t let an injury get in the way of you achieving your perfect smile. Do what you can outside of the dentist’s office to ensure your smile lasts. 


Generic athletic mouth guards that are sold in sporting goods stores are not always effective. They can feel uncomfortable and could make it harder to breathe while exercising. We highly recommend a custom mouth guard for maximum protection and comfort.


Visit us today at Hamilton Riverside Dentistry to get a custom mouth guard. It will fit properly and ensure the best protection. Here in Hamilton, Ohio, we value your smile just as much as you do. Reach out to us today with any questions you may have.