Ortho Screenings

A variety of tooth and jaw issues are resolved through orthodontics. Dr. Manju R. Kejriwal may point out that your child’s baby teeth appear crowded, or the alignment between the upper and lower teeth isn’t ideal. While treatment doesn’t usually start this young, it may help you prepare for the possibility of future corrective care. As permanent teeth begin to appear, usually around age 6, Dr. Manju R. Kejriwal will monitor the situation and help you decide if early orthodontic treatment is right for your child.

Although many orthodontic wearers are teenagers, braces play a role in some children’s earlier years. Since permanent teeth are typically larger than baby teeth, a device called a palatal expander might be used to create more room. The expander allows adult teeth to move into place correctly, helping avoid more extensive treatment later on.

A narrow jaw or a large overbite may create a similar dilemma. Gently guiding your child’s jaw growth while they are still growing can make a tremendous difference down the road. Once growth stops during the teen years, sometimes the only corrective measure involves surgery which is always a scenario to avoid when possible.

The Usual Track

The Usual Track

Many youngsters benefit from ortho screenings in Hamilton after their baby teeth have fallen out and the permanent teeth have grown in. The length of treatment time can vary but often falls around two years.

Orthodontic treatment can solve almost every bite issue, but success relies on proper patient compliance. Wearing elastic bands consistently, keeping follow-up appointments, and practicing outstanding home care can all lead to a beautiful smile. This commitment involves frequent preventive visits with our hygienist as well; this helps avoid permanent staining from weakened enamel and cavities around brackets. Hamilton Riverside Dentistry specializes in helping our orthodontic patients enjoy a successful outcome: a gorgeous, healthy smile.

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