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Sometimes, you’ll visit a dentist for a checkup. At other times, you’ll visit because something is wrong, or at least you suspect that this is the case. However, there are some problems where you should visit a dentist immediately, while for some problems, there’s no major rush. The difference can only be a matter of hours, but it’s significant. If you have an issue outside of regular clinic hours, then in some cases, you’ll need to see an emergency dentist as soon as possible. If you delay, then you might negatively impact your health or run the risk of losing a tooth on a permanent basis. 


What is Emergency Dentistry?

So what is emergency dentistry in Hamilton? Essentially it’s just what the name suggests — it’s dental treatment that has to be performed as quickly as possible. We’ll look into some specific examples of what constitutes a dental emergency below, but sometimes it’s important to think about what it’s not. You’ll probably have a sense of what is an emergency and what isn’t. If your tooth is chipped but isn’t painful and isn’t sharp (sharp enough to cut the inside of your mouth), then you can wait a couple of days.emergency dentistry Hamilton Riverside Dentistry dentist in Hamilton, OH


When would you need it?

So now, let’s think about what would merit an emergency trip to the dentist. One example is a knocked-out tooth. If you still have the tooth and get to the dentist quick enough, then there’s a chance that they’ll be able to reinsert the tooth. Be sure to protect the tooth on transit. You could place it back in its socket or put it in a glass of milk.

The tooth doesn’t have to be out entirely for you to visit the dentist. If your tooth is cracked, then you might need emergency dentistry services, especially if it’s painful and sharp enough to cause damage to the inside of your mouth. While you’re on your way to the dentist, you can use a cold press against the affected area (on the outside).

Finally, it’s really important to book an emergency dental appointment if you have a tooth abscess. They can be treated well but can cause major complications if they’re left alone. Indeed, they can even become life-threatening. They can produce a whole host of nasty symptoms, so be sure to pick up the phone as soon as possible. 

If you’re in need of emergency dentistry in Hamilton, Ohio, then be sure to contact us here at Hamilton Riverside Dentistry. You can do so by calling (513) 868-0200. If you think the condition is severe enough to merit immediate treatment and you’re unable to phone, then you can come in person, and we’ll do our best to help you. We are located at 112 North Second Street Hamilton, OH 45011. Whatever your problem is, you can rest assured that you’ll be in experienced and capable hands, and that we’ll do our best to make sure that your dental emergency is handled as smoothly as possible.