Lumineers in Hamilton, Ohio

If you’ve been to the dentist, you have likely heard of veneers, but you may not have heard of lumineers. Lumineers are a similar, cost effective option used to treat the same issues as veneers: cracked and broken teeth, discolored teeth, teeth that are too small. Here in Hamilton, Ohio, we want all of our residents to have a smile they are confident with. At Hamilton Riverside Dentistry, we offer both lumineers and veneers to give you the options you need to create your perfect smile. So what is the difference between the two, and how can you know which option is best for you? 

What are Lumineers? 

Lumineers, like veneers, are small pieces of resin (plastic) that act as a s

hell for your teeth. Lumineers are usually made out of porcelain. Lumineers are placed on top of your teeth to give you a brand new smile that can fix broken and damaged teeth, fix discoloration, and even help align your smile. 


Lumineers differ from veneers when it comes to shape and size. 

Veneers are normally thicker, so the enamel of your teeth needs to be shaved down to fit the veneer in your mouth. In this sense, veneers are more of a permanent solution than lumineers. Lumineers are thinner pieces of porcelain, with a more translucent, natural appearance. You can also decide to remove your lumineers later on if you would like, thanks to the enamel staying intact beneath the thin cover.


What is the Procedure? 

The process of lumineers is essentially the same as veneers. However, placing lumineers only requires two visits instead of three. The first visit will include taking impressions of your teeth to get lumineers that are the right size and shape, and the second visit is when the lumineers are applied. The process is quick and easy. The dentist will clean your teeth and use an adhesive to apply the lumineers to the front of your teeth and blue light to harden the lumineers to your teeth. 


Because veneers are thicker, they serve as a more permanent option to completely replace your smile. Lumineers are thinner and removable and so they may just be a temporary option. Both solutions have many different benefits. It just depends on what you are looking for. 


Here at Hamilton Riverside Dentistry, we want to give you the best smile possible. Ask us about our lumineers and veneers services, and we will be happy to help you determine which option will work best for you. We invite all residents in the Hamilton, Ohio, area to come out and visit us. If you have any questions about lumineers, please feel free to call our office today.