Dental Bonding hamilton riverside dentistry dentist in hamilton ohioA beautiful, healthy smile not only helps you feel better about yourself but also helps create an excellent first impression on everyone you encounter. When you’re happy with the way your smile looks, you’ll be more likely to smile confidently. According to statistics, more than one-third of adults in the United States are unhappy with the appearance of their grins. The good news is that you don’t have to be a movie star to have a great smile these days. Dr. Kejriwal and Dr. Basava can completely transform less-than-perfect teeth into a naturally stunning smile thanks to advancements in cosmetic dentistry. One way to improve your smile is with Dental Bonding.


What is Dental Bonding?

Dental bonding is a quick and painless approach to improve the appearance of your teeth. Our expert dentists apply a composite resin material directly to the tooth structure during the bonding process. We can mold and sculpt the resin to fit your tooth and correct flaws in its appearance because it is pliable and putty-like when initially applied. The composite resin is set, trimmed, and polished to provide a long-lasting, attractive smile restoration. Dental bonding typically requires one visit to our dental office in Hamilton, Ohio. Because this treatment requires little to no tooth preparation, you can expect a pleasant and pain-free experience.


What can Dental Bonding Fix?

The dental bonding procedure is considered one of the most effective, economical, and quickest methods of care.

Bonding can:

  • Correct damage sustained from a cavity or tooth decay
  • Alter the appearance of a tooth that is short, discolored, or misshapen
  • Close an existing space or gap between teeth
  • Repair a slight fracture in a tooth
  • Repair minor tooth crookedness


What are the Advantages of Dental Bonds?

Dental health and wellness do not only consist of preventative and restorative dentistry. Cosmetic dentistry is also important for good oral health. There are various advantages to cosmetic dental treatments, such as dental bonding.

  • Dental bonding is one of the most basic dental procedures.
  • It is one of the most affordable cosmetic procedures available.
  • Unless there are several teeth to bind, dental bonding can be accomplished in one session.
  • Enamel removal is not needed.
  • There is no need for anesthesia.
  • It helps with minor cosmetic improvements.
  • It can be used as a temporary solution for a cosmetic flaw.


How Long Does Dental Bonding Last?

A dental bond typically lasts 4-8 years, depending on the location of the bond and the type of food consumed by the patient. The position of the bonding material on the tooth has a significant impact on how long a dental bond lasts. If the bond is put too close to the tooth’s edge, the force of a bite will most likely chip it off. Food that requires a lot of chewing or is especially hard can weaken the dental bond. If your front teeth are bonded, avoid eating food directly from the front because the dental bond’s structure may be jeopardized.


Dental Bond Maintenance

Because bonding is more prone to discoloration and chipping than other types of cosmetic dentistry, it requires extra attention to keep your bonded teeth looking natural. Here are some suggestions for keeping your dental bonding in excellent condition.

  • Since bonding can chip easily, avoid using your teeth to open items or biting on hard objects, such as ice, apples, and other hard items like pens and pencils.
  • Reduce your intake of coffee, tea, and red wine.
  • This is a great reason to stop if you’re a smoker, especially since smoking raises your risk of gum disease and oral cancer.
  • If you see any sharp edges or your teeth feel weird when you bite down, don’t hesitate to contact us.
  • Repairs and touch-ups are available.


Whether you’re looking to improve one tooth or many, it’s an excellent time to consider enhancing the look of your smile with dental bonds! Dr. Kejriwal and Dr. Basava are the top cosmetic dentists in Hamilton, Ohio. Call to schedule a dental bonding appointment at Hamilton Riverside Dentistry. A beautiful smile begins today.